How To Set Up Distribution For Your Music Through iTunes (+Video)



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        Explore a variety of services that offer iTunes distribution. Examples include Reverb Nation, CD Baby, Catapult and Tune Core (see Resources). Each site has different plans and pricing options.

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        Choose a service and register for membership. Once you decide which music service offers the best iTunes package for you, you will need to register for membership and pay any fees with a credit card.

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        Submit your album or EP. Your music package should include a universal product code (UPC) and International Standard Recording Code (ISRC), both of which are required for iTunes inclusion. When you digitally submit your album by following the instructions on the online form, your service will provide you with everything you need and distribute your music on your behalf.

      3. - Go to: [Catapult Digital Distribution]

        Step by step guide to Catapult Distribution:

        Go to: [Catapult Digital Distribution]

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